welcomes you to 2012

For us this should be an eventful year, so look forward to more fresh information on Botswana, past and current.

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We are happy to have you visit the site regularly, and please support the local businesses advertised on; such as Black Trash, Mackay La Diva (both are fashion labels) and Perfect Silhouette which specializes in women's under-garments. And many more.

If you are a business in Botswana you are welcome to advertise with us.

If you live in Botswana share information of value about Batswana or on anything local and unique; if you have visitied Botswana before share your best memories of Botswana. Share something about Botswana with the rest of the world by going here.

And finally, wishes the Zebras, Botswana National Football Team, success in AFCON 2012. Go here for the tournament's results and scores.

Kind regards, Team

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