Botswana Nightlife

Much of the fun at night in Botswana is in the bars, restaurants and shebeens.

In addition there are world class cinemas to go to for late night movies.

Night clubs

Botswana is awash with skilled DJs, and any night club plays beautiful music all night long, such as house, hip-hop, kwaito or kwaito-kwasa.

Night clubs exist in almost every major town in Botswana.


You can sample the best of sweet music while you enjoy a drink with friends in all pubs in Botswana.

Pubs can be found in all major towns in Botswana, and the outdoor ones make the best hang-out places to enjoy cool evenings.

No bias here, but I love the Gaborone pubs; great crowd, beautiful atmosphere and.... well... great crowd!!


Not stuff for the feint-hearted, this one. Shebeens are where you can sample the full repertoire of the ordinary Motswana man.

These are drinking places, usually in residential areas.

Drinks largely comprise of local beer which is home-brewed, and boy, does it make them go nuts!

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