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The Team!!

Just who are we? is a local private e-business owned by a small group of Batswana, seeking to chronicle life in Botswana from past to present, without bias, favour or prejudice.

The e-business is officially registered with the relevant local authorities such as the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA) - a government service that registers companies in Botswana. is also officially authorized to carry the Botswana Pride-mark logo by Brand Botswana, a service within Botswana Investment and Trade Centre.

The business name is  copyrighted on the web (internationally).

Our qualifications and strengths

  1. To start with, we are citizens. That we are citizens, gives us a unique advantage of getting information on Botswana from Batswana that is rich and original. We feature well researched topics and fact-checked information bringing freshness and new elements to matters that are already known.
  2. When I was growing up, right into my teens, even more impressionable then, I must have lived in almost every district of my country Botswana. I moved between about 12 of the 16 districts at the time. I am a son of an itinerant father. He served in government in the postal service but had to move after every few years to establish postal service offices in various places of the country. Anyway, I got to see how during some years of the post-independence period both the nation and state evolved and transformed to what it is today - a beautiful African country that bears both qualities of its traditions and borrowed culture. So this experience gave me invaluable knowledge about my country's background. 
  3. What did Alexander McCall Smith - that beloved author from the UK - say about love for your country? He said, "every man has a map in his heart of his own country and the heart will never allow you to forget this map...." Just like any responsible citizen anywhere, as a team we are passionate about our country. Because patriotism is a thing of the heart, we want to bring out into the open the best aspects of our country to share with the world, to create the right impact to mankind. 

Our interest

We have set our heart and mind to depict the full lifestyle of Batswana, in a world where a nation's original identity has to sustain itself while embracing incoming and external lifestyles. 

This fact has a bearing in all aspects of life, including any form of material production - for commerce or aesthetics - of traditional and modern products from Botswana. 

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