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Doing business in Botswana!

Why do business in Botswana?

Doing business in Botswana has the potential to guarantee you success. All that it takes is to follow the right steps to establish a business to become a successful entrepreneur.

Botswana is a regional leader in economic freedom, welcomes foreign investment and trade due to its many opportunities for investment, is the world's leading economic development benchmark and has earned the highest sovereign credit rating in Africa in recent years.

At the core of running a business successfully in Botswana is the existence of a conducive business environment.

  • Botswana offers a negotiable tax holiday package of 5 - 10 years
  • Imported raw materials for manufacturing for export are exempt from customs duty
  • The Botswana Government offers a 200% rebate on manpower training for investor firms
  • Machinery and equipment for manufacturing for export is exempt from import tax to help reduce overhead costs
  • Foreign businesses set-up in Botswana are allowed full repatriation of profits and dividends

There is a whole host of all other good reasons that make Botswana your choice business and investment destination.

Follow these steps to register a business in Botswana.

Business sectors to invest in

  • Tourism: in addition to the wildlife, explore tourism in the areas of eco-tourism and culture
  • Garments and textiles
  • Leather manufacturing
  • Glass manufacturing: Botswana has a lot of silica, quartz, limestone and soda ash which are raw materials for manufacturing glass
  • Jewellery making: taking advantage of the abundant diamond resources in Botswana to make exquisite jewellery
  • And many more....

Property and real estate service in Botswana

With so much unused land, and the growing real estate market, Botswana remains the top destination for investing in property in Africa.

Investment environment in Botswana

Botswana has conducive investment and regulatory environment for establishing business in the country.

Entities such as the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (which is a merger of the former International Financial Services Company (IFSC) and Botswana Export Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA) have been established to support investing and setting business in Botswana as well as help promote business products outside Botswana.

Already these entities have forged strong links with a majority of the African countries.

The major business sectors in Botswana are:

Botswana business community

The organization at the forefront of the business community in Botswana is Business Botswana (formerly known as Botswana Confederation of Commerce Industry and Manufacturing).

Business Botswana (BB) also helps to have access to the 100 million strong market of regional countries within the SADC block.

BB has forged linkages with the SADC states.

Banking and finance in Botswana

Having maintained a well developed financial sector to support business, Botswana has established itself as the top African financial hub in the areas of banking and finance.

The Bank of Botswana is at the forefront of the strong fiscal policy in the country.

With the establishment of Botswana Stock Exchange, Botswana abolished its exchange controls. Enjoy investing in the Botswana stock market.

Botswana's natural resources

Botswana has:

  • long and intense sunshine hours,
  • huge diamond deposits,
  • copper,
  • nickel,
  • coal,
  • soda ash,
  • salt and
  • uranium.

The country is estimated to have 200 billion tons of coal. This endowment of natural resources spells out the true blessings of a country.

These natural and energy resources form a basis for establishing business, and will support the growing economy, which is good news to any investor.

Energy resources in Botswana

In addition, the growth of the energy sector in Botswana is gaining momentum.

Development projects such as Mmamabula energy complex with its coal-to-hydrocarbon conversion component, Morupule B which is four times bigger than the current Morupule Station's output are being commissioned.

There is also the smaller Gaborone Solar Power station under construction to produce electricity in 2011

With all these energy projects, aspiring entrepreneurs and potential investors business must stay assured that business has a strong power basis to support business activities in Botswana.

Mining and Diamonds in Botswana

Mining is the cornerstone of the economy of Botswana. Botswana is the world's leading producer of diamonds by value.

Dubbed 'diamonds for development', Botswana diamonds have made a strong and positive impact in the country's economy.

Botswana has an established history for prospecting and mining diamonds. The country is already going into polishing diamonds.

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