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Where is Botswana?

Dude, where is Botswana? In this day and age this question still has relevance, in spite of Botswana's status as a beautiful, successful and democratic state.

Hence the usefulness of to you.

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Botswana is located in southern Africa, at latitudes 17° and 27°S; and longitude 20° and 30°E. It is landlocked with South Africa lying to the south, Namibia to the west, Zambia to the north and Zimbabwe to the east.

Thus, it is well positioned at the centre of southern Africa which is best suited for trade.

The terrain in Botswana is mainly flat, but much of the eastern part of the country is hilly.

Unusually, there are rare hills to the west in D'kar which is a settlement within the Kalahari Desert, and the spiritual hills of Tsodilo in the Okavango Delta.

It is worth mentioning that almost 70% of the country is made of the Kalahari Desert, as a result of the challenges of desertification and drought due to poor rains. Fortunately, the country lies somewhere close to the great southern Africa water system, of which the country draws water from the north to the southern parts of Botswana.

In addition, although Okavango Delta which is the world's largest inland delta spreads to much of the northwestern parts of the country, the country is hesitant to draw water from the area for fear of affecting the eco-system.

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